The Circus Hostel Brewing Co.

The hostel bar has come a long way over the years - what began as an unheated bar off a street called "Am Zirkus", is now a microbrewery in the basement of Katz & Maus. It all began with a lively conversation, accompanied by many a beer, thinking of ways to improve the bar, and then the idea of a brewery hit us! We slept on it, woke up with hangovers, and the thought never left us. Our brewmaster Heiko graduated from Technische Universität Berlin, and worked at the Beck's brewery in Bremen before joining us at The Circus. We are currently producing an unfiltered Pilsener beer. Heiko proudly brews in accordance with the German Purity Law for beer. He uses quality malts from famous malthouse "Weyermann" in Bamberg and the finest hop varieties - mostly from Bavaria. The beer has got a nice malty character with a pleasant bitter note at the end. We hope you will enjoy our beer that has been handcrafted right here in The Circus!
The Circus Hostel Brewing Co.
Weinbergsweg 1A,
10119 Berlin
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