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Kulturcafe Lichtung

Deleyaman + High Tatras - Kulturcafe Lichtung (Köln, DE)

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Deleyaman - Sentinel / New Album
Avant-premiere show - Kulturcafe Lichtung (Club)

(by Benoit Fournier translated from french)

Sentinel, is Deleyaman's eight album (release date 17.01.2020)
At times, its atmosphere is reminiscent of some of the early work from Dead Can Dance who in 2019, covered Deleyaman's "Autumn Sun" including it on their setlist, throughout their European tour "Dead Can Dance: A Celebration - Life & Works 1980-2019".

The album remains an essential format for Deleyaman. A long, necessary time, a path that must be taken. From the mists of "Exile", with its hypnotic guitars and Beatrice's enigmatic voice, through the peaceful swaying ballad "The Valley" with Brendan Perry guesting, playing the cimbalom, the bouzouki and the drums, to the clear obscure mood of "Slaves", throughout the ten pieces of the album, "Sentinel" offers this conviction that the beauty of dawn is first born from the night, that a ray of sunlight is never more beautiful than when it pierces through, just after the rain.


Deleyaman was founded by the american multi-instrumentalist of greek-armenian origins Aret Madilian originally from Los Angeles now living in Normandy, France.
The three other members are Beatrice Valantin, Gerard Madilian and Guillaume Leprevost.
The first alternative band to have included the ancient wind instrument the duduk in their permanent line-up,
Deleyaman’s musical influences are vast and their sound difficult to pigeon-hole into a single genre

HIGH TATRAS - Opening band

HIGH TATRAS is the solo project of Zodiac Death Valley frontman
Nic Abodeely

Originally from the bay area, now based in Los Angeles, Abodeely called upon ZDV members, Nathan Ricker (keys), and Jordan Villa (guitar) as well as flautist Courtney Conrad Garvin (Toucan) to help with the EP’s distinctive sound.

The first EP ‘Mouth To Mouth’ was recorded at Chase Bell Studios and Valley Recording Co. in Los Angeles and Burbank, California. Mastered by Howie Weinberg in the fall of 2018.

Abodeely states early influences on his songwriting to bands like Black Heart Procession, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Lee Hazlewood, Legendary Pink Dots, and the soundtrack work of Terry Oldfield and Jerry Goldsmith.

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13. Dez. 2019, 21:00 Uhr


Kulturcafe Lichtung
Ubierring 13
2 Minuten von der Haltestelle Chlodwigplatz (Linien 12, 15, 16)


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