Alli Neumann FOTO: © Clara Nebeling

Alli Neumann

In the artist’s words:

If you don't know this young actress and songwriter yet, you're missing out - but don't worry, you can get up to speed in no time. Just check out the insanely good film "Wach", which can be found in its entirety on YouTube - in which Alli plays a young runaway directed by Kim Frank - and then listen to her EPs "Hohes Fieber" and "Monster", on which Alli mixes her raspy, powerful voice with guitar-cut pop. That can be something, that will be something.

Alli Neumann, according to her own statements since a few years 20, finds: That with the lovely, peaceful, with everything except the annoying heartbreak agreed pop music was quite nice for a while, but now it is perhaps time again for an alternative. For pop that wants something. Which is expressed by the fact that it stands for something. And you can still sing about heartbreak.

For her current EP "Monster", the young Flensburg native worked with Franz Plasa, Falco's producer, among others. Alli describes her sound as alternative pop. Pop that wants something and that fits perfectly into our time.

In the summer Alli Neumann already played at all the big festivals in Germany. Lollapalooza, Reeperbahn Festival, Immergut, Kosmonaut.... There's no getting around Alli Neumann. In addition, she already toured with Years&Years and AnnenMayKantereit in early 2019.

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