Rausgegangen Guideline

  1. Rausgegangen is an independent platform that makes cultural and event topics accessible and does profile-building work.
  2. The platform stands for the diverse cultural scene and the entire range of event types.
  3. The promoters/organizers upload their events to the platform independently and are solely responsible for their content.
  4. The highlighted Rausgegangen recommendations are curated and selected by our editorial team. This content is a personal and valuable recommendation by the Rausgegangen editors and is therefore specially highlighted.
  5. The content on our platform is intended to encourage people to broaden their own cultural horizons and engage in new experiences.
  6. The platform is well connected both locally and nationally and gives all users and organizers access to the event industry.
  7. The platform rejects all forms of discrimination, racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, right-wing extremism, political extremism, classism, ableism as well as ageism and actively opposes them. If inappropriate content is found on the platform, it will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken. Do you think an event/location etc. violates our guidelines? Then use the red „Report a problem“ button on the respective page.