BICEP FOTO: © Dan Medhurst


In the artist’s words:

Electronic pioneers from Belfast

Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar have established themselves as the creative powerhouse of the electronic music scene. The British electronic duo, originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, stand out for their versatile music production, which combines elements of house, techno and electronica.

Bicep's sound is characterized by melodious synthesizers, captivating beats and artfully woven structures. The duo clearly has a special affection for nostalgic sounds reminiscent of the glory days of rave and dance music.

Their self-titled debut album "Bicep" from 2017 earned praise from critics for its innovative approach to electronic music. But Bicep is not only impressive on record - quite the opposite.

With their energetic DJ sets, they have built a reputation on international stages as a dynamic duo in the electronic music scene. Bicep remain a fascinating architect of electronic sounds and revive the tradition of the genre in a modern, creative form.

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