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Cage's voice has been considered an insider tip of the Cologne scene for some time now. Equipped with a warm, velvety voice color, the musician knows how to radiate an authenticity that is no longer often found. Thereby the singer reminds of the soulful soul voices of the last century, but at the same time she manages to point into the future with her presence and music: Since 2020, she has released eight tracks of her own and can also be heard as a feature guest on numerous works by her colleagues - thinking about genre boundaries does not fit with the way Cage understands and makes music.

Rolling Stone compares Cage's voice to international multiple Grammy winner Beyonce in a profile. "She is blessed witha great soul voice, but likes to cross genres in her songs." 1 Live, Simone Son. A passion for music has always been an issue for Cage, but she didn't approach her professional career as a singer until after she graduated with a degree in media information technology. For her, one reason was that she didn't want to see her love of music destroyed by the dreariness of the music industry. The exhilarating feeling of being on stage and singing and making music for people never left her though, which is why she decided to continue dedicating herself to her solo project.

Experiencing a concert by Cage becomes a soulfully embracing experience not to be missed. In her own words, "I've had to carry a clear passion and emotional attachment with me my whole life, ever since I fell in love with making music that I knew I would commit to at some point in my life. When I had the strength to finally try to make money with my music, I had to deal with different experiences in the music industry. I had to protect my little treasure, my childlike curiosity. People wanted me to be someone else, but my highest asset is authentic art."

Cage has played at a wide variety of festivals including Carolin Kebekus' DCKS Festival, Splash Festival, Parookaville Festival, TedX Event in Lisbon, International Student Film Festival in Babelsberg, and Rausgegangen Event in Cologne and Dortmund.

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