Jan Delay \u0026 Disko No.1
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Jan Delay & Disko No.1

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In the artist's words:

Jan Delay - an exceptional artist who has left a lasting mark on the German music scene. As a charismatic singer, rapper and producer, he skillfully combines different genres, from reggae to hip-hop to rock, creating a unique sound that inspires across generations.

With his unmistakable style and catchy lyrics, Jan Delay has not only landed numerous chart hits, but has also conquered a permanent place in the German music landscape. His debut album "Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels" marked the beginning of an impressive career characterized by versatility, authenticity and musical skill.

Jan Delay, also known as Eizi Eiz or Der Dissziplinär, is not only a musician, but also an opinion leader. His lyrics are characterized by socially critical themes, humour and a clear stance. He succeeds in uniting people from different backgrounds and tastes with his music.

Discover the multifaceted universe of Jan Delay and immerse yourself in a musical world full of energy, passion and rebellion. Whether live concert, album release or festival appearance - Jan Delay inspires with his unique combination of entertainment and sophistication. Experience the artist who has shaped the German music scene and continues to inspire with his innovative sound.

Frequently asked questions about Jan Delay

1. what kind of music does Jan Delay make?

Jan Delay is a German musician, singer, rapper and producer who mainly makes hip-hop, reggae and funk music.

2. what are some famous songs by Jan Delay?

Some famous songs by Jan Delay are "Oh Jonny", "Feuer", "Klar" and "St. Pauli".

3. does Jan Delay also have solo projects?

Yes, Jan Delay also has solo projects and is known both as a solo artist and as the frontman of the band "Jan Delay & Disko No. 1".

4. what awards has Jan Delay received?

Jan Delay has received a large number of awards, including several Echos and the MTV Europe Music Award.

5. which albums has Jan Delay released?

Jan Delay has released several albums, including "Mercedes Dance" and "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Soul".

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