Krystyna Fitz\u002DHarris FOTO: © Krystyna Fitz-Harris
Painter & Drawer

Krystyna Fitz-Harris

In the artist’s words:

Krystyna Fitz-Harris was born in 1992 in Sanok, Poland.

Krystyna Fitz-Harris graduated from the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf in 2023 and works part-time as a set designer for film and photography. The artist is mainly engaged in walk-in performative installations and painting.

Krystyna Fitz-Harri's work under the title "plac zabaw" (Polish: playground) deals with exactly that place. An infrastructural place where different generations meet and assume different social roles. Waiting parents - mostly mothers -; grandparents tending to playing children; young people looking for a place of lack of control and "loitering" outside. Social contacts of all kinds are established here. In the process, the inner discrepancy arises as to which role one is inscribed in oneself or is supposed to assume due to social pressure. The space-specific and cross-space installation shows Fitz-Harris' personal conception and memory culture of a playground.

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