KYTES FOTO: © Florian Moshammer


In the artist’s words:

Get on your bike - get a cold drink at the next Späti and head for the city beach - your best friends are already waiting. KYTES dive into the big city and the dreamy voice of singer Michael Spieler invites us to come along on this short trip. KYTES have once again evolved.

Their sound has matured and they finally arrive on the big pop stage. In addition, they have pushed the door to the synth sound of the 80s wide open and got themselves a new sound outfit - original vintage from the store around the corner, so to speak. It's the feel good sound for the playlists in 2021.

KYTES is an award-winning independent band from Munich. Michael Spieler, Kerim Öke, Thomas Sedlacek & Timothy Lush release DIY via their own label and have over 50 million streams worldwide and currently 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. After the release of "the beat is on hold" KYTES released their new single "bumblin" on September 24th. Shortly before the start of the pandemic, KYTES celebrated the release of their album "good luck" at Triple M in Munich - three sold-out concerts on an unforgettable evening in Munich. Their indie hit "Alright" was remixed by RAC, the Grammy award-winning artist helped KYTES gain an international audience - the song landed at #1 on the Hype Machine charts. The track "Go Out" has been played on more than 70 radio stations worldwide:

The World Famous KROQ Los Angeles, KNDD Seattle & Radio 1 Mumbai among others. With more than 250 shows to date, including Melt! Festival, FM4 Frequency and The Great Escape Festival, KYTES bring a unique energy to any live stage.

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