Leoniden FOTO: © Niren Mahajan


In the artist’s words:

Their songs are a crazy firework: Leoniden mix punk and grunge with elements of funk and soul.
elements of funk and soul, making you feel an urgency that is magnetically attractive. And we're talking about this kind of magnets, whose power is so strong that you'll stick right on. Tear loose? Haha - no way. Quickly your palms move flat to each other and your feet are pushed off the ground as if by themselves.

Want to avoid it? You can try that. It won't work. With hits in their luggage they now wander from their home in Kiel to our festival stage and bring a musical wind with them that you usually only know from this very north: Pleasantly fresh, quite strong and perfectly salted! A sound that sweeps over you - a band that knows exactly how to use its naturally attractive and violently demolishing effect. Fancy a good breeze Leoniden?

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