Marcus A. Fahrenwaldt
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Marcus A. Fahrenwaldt

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About the author

"I've always said you don't really know me! You don't even know what I think, what I feel." ...

In his books, Marcus A. Fahrenwaldt shares with you his love for cooking, good food and especially for aphrodisiac ingredients, elixirs and dishes around which erotic stories entwine.

This mixture of cookbook and stimulating stories runs through the pages of his books like a novel.

Anyone who reads it will think about the stories while cooking, eating, dancing and everything else that follows.

They are forbidden, scandalous, obscene, sinful. They are fantasies, dark dreams and secret desires that often remain unspoken.

The source of his inspiration is his sinfully beautiful muse and beloved wife, a native Indian, whose "ALMA LATINA" is his portal into another cosmos, into the beautiful, dazzling Latino world. He says of himself that he is only half without her. But together they are "M and M".

When he's not writing about "food", he works as a dentist and bakery employee and they both enjoy "LA VIDA LOCA" together in Düsseldorf.

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