Paula Dalla Corte
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Paula Dalla Corte

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In the artist's words:

Approximately 5,650 miles, or almost 9,100 kilometers, lie between the wild unpredictability of Berlin-Kreuzberg and the dreamy West Coast melancholy of California. Two opposing extremes that inspire Paula Dalla Corte.

With an unprecedented sense of self, the 22-year-old singer and songwriter combines an ethereal Americana melancholy with a head-bopping indie pop catchiness and an edgy glampunk extravaganza to create her very own style clash - a mesmerizing crossover with which Paula Dalla Corte will create completely new vibes in the German music landscape in 2023.

Since her childhood, music has been Paula Dalla Corte's safe space in which the artist, who grew up in Switzerland, has been able to experiment and develop her own style undisturbed. From Switzerland, she went out into the big world to Los Angeles to gain important experience in the hotspot of the entertainment industry.

In the City of Angels, Paula learns to fight her way through. She meets up with various well-known producers but still doesn't find what she's looking for amidst the superficiality of LA: The real, the authentic. The break, the somehow destroyed beauty that results from the constant interplay of light and shadow, which she now conveys in her unique trademark sound. In early 2023, she moved to Berlin to take the next step.

In her songs, Paula Dalla Corte combines a melodramatic Americana sadness with haunted pop hooks and an elegantly non-conformist alternative glam spirit. Reverb-soaked twang guitars meet bittersweet late-night melodies and Paula's punchy, smoky vocals oscillating between blues and neo-soul - as if Nancy Sinatra and Stevie Nicks were meeting up with The Cramps for a midnight surf in Venice Beach. "I am a very visual person and process what I perceive around me," Paula Dalla Corte explains her unusual sound mix. "I also take inspiration from my dreams, which sometimes seem like unpublished scripts from Tim Burton films. Everything is often wild and bizarre - I try to capture these impressions in my music. I like to paint pictures in my lyrics and express myself very metaphorically. I think I've found my very own language for what I want to say."

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