Rubin de la Ana
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Rubin de la Ana

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Siguiriya - Rubin de la Ana

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In the artist's words:

"Rubin elicits the most beautiful tones from the guitar" wrote the Diario de Jerez back in 1992.

Then as now, the internationally recognized flamenco guitarist and singer from Jerez de la Frontera inspires his listeners with filigree chords, artful runs and fortissimo accentuated individual notes on the guitar. With his deep, throaty, expressive and well-tempered voice, he reveals a very intimate approach to flamenco singing and his unique vocal techniques.

Rubin de la Ana, Flamenco - guitarrista flamenco, cantaor, compositor

whose real name is Salvador Vega Carrasco, is a contemporary flamenco guitarist, singer and composer. He was born and raised in Jerez de la Frontera in the Barrio Santiago, a town with a flamenco tradition, as the son of Ana Carrasco - bailaora y cantaora flamenco. At the age of six he took guitar and singing lessons, at fifteen he attended training classes at the Academia de Baile Juan Parra and gave his first performances in peñas, tablaos and flamenco festivals in Andalusia.

At seventeen, he made his debut as a flamenco guitarist alongside the passionate and highly esteemed cantaores Fernando Terremoto Hijo and Macarena de Jerez. He has performed on the stages of renowned venues, starting in the Gran Teatro Falla / Cádiz, Villamarta Teatro / Jerez de la Frontera; later as cantaor y guitarrista in the Chamber Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic, in the Filharmonia Wroclaw, in the Metropol Theater and Tränenpalast. Concert tours have taken him to Finland (Helsinki, Turku, Oulu and Tempere), Japan (Tokyo), Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Norway, France, Portugal, Greece and Poland. Since 1984 he has worked with dance academies and schools, dance companies in Spain, Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

Rubin de la Ana is a virtuoso on the flamenco guitar, appreciated for his musical sensitivity, versatility and creativity. De la Ana is one of those rare musicians who can represent a musical style in its entirety and complexity. He is not only stylistically rooted in the tradition of Cante Jondo, but has mastered the enormous variety of flamenco styles, knows their origins and musical influences.

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