Average number of visits in the last few months? You can't count it on one hand. Okay, not on two either. And not because the Fugazi is in close proximity to us after work, but because everything is just right here. The advantages at a glance:

1. the terrace

If you want to sit outside at Fugazi, you need a bit of luck, because you can't make a reservation in the outdoor area. This is usually not a problem during the day, but on warm summer evenings it does get very crowded outside - so, people, finish work a little early! While we're on the subject of beer: Fugazi serves Ayinger. Solid and good.

2. the danger of swamping

Unfortunately, it's not just summer, but also the rest of the year when it's better to sit inside. It's not difficult at Fugazi - the difficulty lies more in leaving again. At this point, we'll just let a picture do the talking and say: grab a sofa, you just can't get up and you're full to bursting. But you don't really want to...

3. the food

The menu at Fugazi may not be big, but every time we sit there we tear our hair out. There are pizzas so big you can use them as a dartboard. No kidding. Especially delicious: date goat's cheese! The tasty salads compete fiercely with the pizza - no, that's not just boring-tasting greens for women in size 34 - but deluxe salads pimped with antipasti, goat's cheese, prawns or chicken breast. Attentat or Nage and Sauge freakswill find their satisfaction here. Also on the menu: sexy burgers and hot noodles. So, as I said, no matter how many ways you end up at Fugazi - it always tastes good!

4. the drinks

When you enter Fugazi, the first thing you notice is the oversized and very tidy bar where you would love to mix a few drinks yourself. But there's no need to, because the menu offers everything your heart desires and, if you do have a special request, there's no complaining. Especially recommended: The wine selection is great. Just Italian.

5. the situation

We spend quite a lot of time on the Isar, or rather on the Isar at the Wittelsbacherbrücke. And the Fugazi is exactly 200 steps from there. Hence the recommendation: sunbathe diligently by the Isar during the day, swim a little against the current and then get lost in the Fugazi in the evening. A 100-point day, so to speak.

Oh yes, we're already longing again.

AddressWittelsbacherstraße 15, 80469 Munich

Opening hoursMonday - Saturday 10.00 - 00.00 Sunday & public holiday 10.00 - 00.00


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