We all know Swabian dumplings or Asian dumplings, but Turkish manti? This version of the delicious filled dumplings is not yet widespread in Germany, but tastes incredibly delicious.

There are now a total of three Lezizel locations in Munich, namely in Maxvorstadt, Glockenbach and Riem Arcades. No matter which store you go to, the concept is the same everywhere: First, you decide between minced beef or potato filling. While the meaty version is made from light wheat dough, the vegetarian manti are green, as the dough also contains spinach and broccoli. It continues with the choice of toppings: cheese, sunflower seeds, mushrooms and much more. The sauces that typically round off the dish can also be customized: lactose-free, soya alternative, with or without garlic.

© Lezizel

Toppings and delicious side dishes

With one or two toppings, you pay just under 10 euros for a portion. The portions fill us up well, but if you want even more, you can also order a larger portion for an extra two euros. There are also all kinds of side salads, homemade lemonades and desserts such as baklava.

© Lezizel Manti

The Lezizel locations serve the manti homemade using only regional ingredients according to a family recipe. After preparation in the Lezizel production facility, the dumplings are not frozen or dried, but only vacuum-packed, which helps to preserve their taste and freshness. In the restaurant, you can look forward to the served manti within a few minutes. This makes a visit to Lezizel the perfect alternative to falafel, kebabs and the like, especially during lunch breaks or after work. Vegetarians and vegans in particular can get their fill here.

© Anouschka Hoffmann

Manti for home

Would you like to eat your manti on a rainy evening on the couch or in bed on a hangover Sunday? No problem, because you can take pre-packaged manti with you in the stores or even order it from the online store. You can find delicious recipes for toppings and sauces on the Lezizel website. Or you can get creative yourself and develop your own variations with vegetables, nuts and fresh herbs. The founders Ugur and Oguz Örgün will be delighted to hear about your new creations.

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