DIY courses, workshops & city tours in Bonn

Whether it's creative workshops, DIY courses, demos, wine tastings, escape games, city and art tours, cocktail courses or perhaps getting out of Bonn and into nature? Active & Creative: the name says it all.

DIY, workshops, hikes, demos and other activities in Bonn

In the mood for creativity or nature? Bonn rocks with its DIY workshops and great hiking trails! Whether you want to swing a paintbrush and hammer or prefer to wander through green landscapes, you've come to the right place. And if you have something to say: Bonn's demos are waiting for your voice. Get involved in social or political issues and join in! Whether it's a workshop, nature trip or demo - in Bonn you'll find the perfect mix to stay active and discover new things. For nature lovers, there are numerous hiking trails in and around Bonn that lead through breathtaking landscapes and are perfect for family outings. Whether you're looking for an opportunity to learn new skills, enjoy the outdoors or get involved socially, Bonn has something for everyone.