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Achtsam morden

In the organizer's words:

Based on the novel by Karsten Dusse

Things are not going well for Björn Diemel. He is a lawyer who, in his everyday professional life, cares to the point of self-sacrifice about the well-being of organized crime. Now he is forced by his wife to attend a mindfulness seminar in order to straighten out his marriage, prove himself as a good father and restore his work-life balance, which is somewhat out of whack.
What he learns and successfully applies there not only changes his life, but also the hierarchy in the underworld milieu. Because when his client, a brutal and more than guilty major criminal, begins to cause him serious problems, he simply kills him - and does so according to all the rules of mindfulness.

Three actors in nineteen roles are highly attentive in keeping on the heels of the fast-paced story in a decelerated way.

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Altonaer Theater Museumstr. 17 22765 Hamburg

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