In the organizer's words:

Courage is the fear of fear!

Dare to do something, act boldly, show strong will and take a chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Heroes are courageous and overcome all fears. You can be afraid of anything. There are even people who are afraid of little rabbits. Is fear contagious? Does it get smaller when you talk about it or do you then give it room to become huge? Fear can paralyze. Inability to move, holding one's breath. But fear can also activate: Watch out, run away! Running away can be crucial for survival. But it's also uncool. What do other people think if you just run away like that? I can't admit to people that I'm scared ...

There is no contrast between fear and courage. They complement each other. Fear vouches for courage and assesses how much space it currently has. Give courage a chance to break out! "Dare, be courageous. No evil is as bad as the fear of it."

Wait a minute, was that just a noise under the bleachers?

In 2022, angst oder hase by Swiss playwright Julia Haenni (born 1988) will be in the play pool of the Kaas & Kappes children's and youth theater festival, having already been awarded the 2021 Welti Prize for Drama "for her unconventional, outstanding work".

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KJT - Theater Dortmund Sckellstraße 5 44141 Dortmund

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