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Anthropolis II: Laios

In the organizer's words:

In Thebes, after the end of Pentheus and the assumption of power by Labdakos, another grandson of Kadmos, a period full of violent excesses begins. Finally Laios, the son of Labdakos, is brought back from exile and enthroned. But he does not come alone, the young Chrysippos from Pisa accompanies him. Is he the reason for the childlessness of the new royal couple Laios and Iokaste or is it the oracle of the seeress Pythia? Already the next creature appears at the gates of the city: the Sphinx, an animal creature consisting of a lion, a woman and a bird, who drives the city singing and enigmatically into murderous madness. In a highly poetic and multi-perspectival monologue that allows the various characters and myth variants about Oedipus' father to have their say, the production explores the question of what could have motivated the couple Laios and Iokaste to produce an offspring despite the religious prohibition. How much responsibility do the parents bear for the fate of their child Oedipus, whom they wanted to make disappear in the mountains immediately after birth? How much guilt is passed on from generation to generation and how much freedom is left to the individual to free himself from it?

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