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Atomphysik – Alles rund um die Kern-Fragen

In the organizer's words:

Welcome to the world of the smallest particles! Atomic physics, with quantum mechanics as its theoretical framework, has significantly shaped the 20th century. It is the basis of many technical developments that are part of our everyday lives today. The exhibition shows how physicists arrived at their findings on the structure of atoms and the opportunities and risks that arise from this.

Exhibits such as Geissler's tube, the original Curie apparatus or the first German cyclotron, demonstrations on half-life and the staging of "Schrödinger's Cat", among other things, answer key questions: What is radiation? Do atoms really exist? What is the structure of an atom? What is quantum physics? What is radioactive radiation? What is the structure of the atomic nucleus? What is high-energy physics? At the center is a nuclear body as an experimental area. Here you can find answers to the elementary questions of atomic, nuclear and particle physics yourself through interactive demonstrations.

Live every day. New every day. For individual visitors and small groups of up to five people, guided tours, demonstrations, science shows and hands-on programs in various exhibitions take place daily, free of charge and without registration. The current daily program is published every day at around 9:20 a.m. on the website and in the Deutsches Museum app.

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