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Aurora - Im Reich des Polarlichts

In the organizer's words:

The aurora borealis is probably the most wonderful natural phenomenon you can experience - as the northern lights ("Aurora Borealis") in the far north, as well as the southern lights ("Aurora Australis") in the deep south.

Korean astrophotographer Kwon O Chul succeeded in capturing this luminous phenomenon in all its multifaceted beauty: In real time and 4K resolution, the ultra-high-sensitivity camera technology reveals the beauty and diversity of the aurora borealis - a magnificent dance of shapes and colors in "all-round format" at the planetarium's large star dome!

Original images from aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and lifelike computer visualizations bring us closer to the legends as well as the scientific study of the aurora borealis. We also take a look at the starry sky over northern Norway with our Zeiss sky simulator and find the best place and the best time to see auroras with our own eyes.

Admission: 12,- Euro, reduced 7,50 Euro. Duration approx. 50 minutes. Recommended from 10 years.

You can also listen to this show in English via audio service. Live parts are not translated.

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Planetarium Hamburg Linnering 1 (Stadtpark) 22299 Hamburg

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