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Axel Zwingenberger - "Blues & Boogie Woogie - Piano"

In the organizer's words:

Axel Zwingenberger has absorbed the music of his American idols from the early days, then enriched it with his own ideas and sounds, making it his own expression and developing it further to such an extent that he himself has become a role model for entire generations of pianists.

He is a guarantee for great rolling boogie woogie as well as sensitive, touching blues: his powerful, yet at the same time sensitively gentle touch delights piano lovers worldwide. His consistent musicality, seemingly unstoppable improvisational mood and joy of playing are appreciated.

Axel's main focus is on solo piano playing. He likes to play unamplified on a large concert grand piano, facing the audience pure and unadulterated. He lets only his music take effect. The effect is incomparable: with the hall lights dimmed, focused on the instrument and its master, the music sounds beguiling, the rhythm builds up in the audience until they can't help but clap, cheer, dance, whatever - no two evenings are the same - each one is an experience!

"In the Boogie Woogie-world he is a Rockstar!"

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Price information:

or toll-free at 040-55565556 or by e-mail to Vvk at almahoppe . de


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