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BIS ANS ENDE DER NACHT - Kölner Kino Nächte

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Trans*: Between self-determination and the social norm

For this year's ColognePride, homochrom is dedicating the "Couch Talk" event to the trans community. Julia Monro will share her personal stories and experiences with us at the Filmhaus. This event is an opportunity to learn more about the challenges and successes of the trans community as well as the rejection and anger they face.

D 2023 - 120' - DF. - Director: Christoph Hochhäusler

Guest: Julia Monro

A homosexual police officer and a trans woman are sent undercover to convict a drug dealer she knows from the past. However, the fake relationship causes feelings to erupt that bring the characters to the edge of their existence. This queer melodrama, off the beaten track of the usual genre, is resolutely oriented towards the in-between and makes the blurring of clear boundaries its actual theme. A grandiose camera and expressive editing transform this into a beguilingly irritating form in which pain, longing and hope merge inseparably.

As part of the "Cologne Cinema Nights", we are presenting the film followed by a talk in the "Couch Talks" series

*21:00 "Couch Talks" with Julia Monro

This will be followed by a discussion with Julia Monro as part of the "Couch Talks" series of events. The well-known trans activist was a consultant on the film script and is co-editor of the book "Einfach selbst bestimmt".

Julia Monro will read excerpts from the book "Einfach selbst bestimmt". This will be followed by a talk moderated by Jürgen Künz.

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