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Blues. Katja Liebmann und Jub Mönster

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Special exhibition at Oldenburg Palace (extended until August 18, 2024)

"Blues" describes a style of music, a mood and: the color blue in all its nuances. The color blue is also a special feature of the works of two contemporary artists from the Oldenburg region: Katja Liebmann and Jub Mönster.

Katja Liebmann works with one of the oldest photographic processes, the "cyanotype". This involves coating strong copperplate printing paper with light-sensitive iron salts, placing a negative on top and exposing it to the sun, creating velvety blue iridescent tones. The pictures convey the impression of memories, and sometimes several layers of time seem to lie on top of each other. The works have both a painterly and graphic appearance. This enables unusual views of reality - of the transient nature of time.

Jub Mönster calls his blue cityscapes "photographs of longing". They are silent memories of places in Paris, the port of Hamburg, pubs and cafés and also of his native city of Oldenburg. Mönster does not take photographs, however, but draws his motifs with blue ballpoint pens. Countless ballpoint pen refills have already been used to create his unmistakable, painterly blue drawings.

The exhibition at Oldenburg Palace brings together the works of Katja Liebmann and Jub Mönster for the first time and invites visitors to discover the poetic beauty of the color blue. It allows visitors to immerse themselves in melancholy moods, transports them to places of longing in Paris, Berlin and London, and also allows familiar motifs from Oldenburg and the region to appear again and again - from the Kramermarkt to landscapes of the North Sea.

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Landesmuseum Kunst & Kultur Oldenburg Schlossplatz 1 26122 Oldenburg

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