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Our stand-up comedy open mic in Cologne

by Manuel Wolff

EVERY Sunday at 8 pm, BOING! Comedy New Material Night at the Fiffi Bar
(and Mondays at Echtzeit)

Until shortly before the show, nobody knows exactly who will be performing and what surprises there will be today. Whether experienced comedians or absolute newcomers, everyone is welcome on our stage.

They all bring their latest material to test, you will only see acts that have probably never been seen anywhere else.

You can experience the stars of tomorrow, but it can also happen that the comedy stars of today drop by - because they also need an unprepared audience to test their new comedy routines. And it can also happen that something goes wrong, but that's the charm of an open mic: everyone gets to try it out!

COMEDIANS WHO WANT TO PERFORM: Just come by between 19:00 and 19:30 at the latest to register. If you want to perform, you don't need a ticket. Registration list will be closed at 19:30, if there are too many registrations the hosts will decide.

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Fiffi Bar Severinswall 35 50678 Köln

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