PHOTO: © Ingo Boelter

Der Hamburger Comedy Slam

In the organizer's words:

The Hamburg Comedy Slam is entering its third season. Every first Tuesday, it's back to the drawing board: if you're not laughing, you didn't get the joke or you're funny in some way.

Relentless, direct, dirty, honest, authentic, taken from life - that's stand-up comedy. Comedy in its clearest form. But of course there is also music comedy or funny poetry ... Everything can, nothing must! Here, everyone is made fun of, even vegans. Everybody gets his fat. Everyone. Even Weight Watchers.

Three comedians vie for the audience's favor each evening. And at the end of the third season, there will be a grand finale with the "best of" all the candidates. You decide who will take part.

The comedians come from all over Germany and are well-known from formats such as "Nightwash," "Quatsch Comedy Club," "NDR Comedy Contest," "Comedy Central," "Nuhr ab 18" and, of course, the "Schmidt Mitternachtsshow.

Moderation: Dennis Grundt

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Schmidtchen Spielbudenplatz 21/22 20359 Hamburg

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