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Die Drei ??? und die singende Schlange - Planetarium Hamburg

In the organizer's words:

New radio plays in 3D sound

With the meanwhile 9th piece of our ??? 3D audio series "The three ??? and the singing snake" it continues for our detectives with a new case in selected planetariums!

This 3D production is a "director's cut", so to speak, because radio play author André Minninger has included many scenes here that had to be cut out in the original radio play version. In addition to our three detectives, the cast also includes speakers from the original 1981 version. Now you can immerse yourself in an "illustrated radio play" in 3D sound at very special locations, which makes suspense and emotion tangible for the eyes and ears.

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Planetarium Hamburg Linnering 1 (Stadtpark) 22299 Hamburg

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