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Die Gerächten

In the organizer's words:

"Whoever fights against Nazis cannot rely on the state."
- Esther Bejarano

The NSU is roaming Germany murdering, the Reichsbürger movement is planning a coup d'état and fascism, anti-Semitism and racism in Germany continue to strengthen - political injustice is out of balance and it must be restored.

In the underground, the group Die Gerächten (The Avengers ) has formed. They are inspired by Albert Camus and his existentialist classic The Just.

The group deliberates: under what circumstances can people be murdered for the sake of a political ideal? Can violence and murder be justified if they happen in the spirit of justice?

Murat Dikenci uses the mind games of resistance dramas from the classics and asks: what might a post-migrant terrorist group look like in 2023, avenging the permanent violence against and oppression of marginalized people in order to restore balance?

  • Please note This is a standing room only event. Chairs can be provided if needed.
  • Notes on sensitive content and sensory stimuli.
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Schauspiel Dortmund Hiltropwall 15 44137 Dortmund

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