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Die Not steht ihr gut

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Sharon and Dana are founders of a hip coaching agency for unsuccessful women. Their seminars promise to reintegrate these lost souls back into the job market and thus into society. With the help of their underpaid intern Dominic, who secretly dreams of a socialist world, and the charming investor Charlie, who pursues his very own goals, the two manage to capitalize on current emancipatory trends, sacrificially accepting the undermining of their own ideals in the process. As Brecht said, "First comes the food, then comes the morality," or to quote Sharon and Dana, "Better to rule than to be ruled." But times are hard and whoever held the scepter a moment ago can be lying in the gutter the very next moment. And when a former seminar attendee posts a juicy tweet about her company, the fateful fate of the two businesswomen takes its course and together with their sidekick, they embark on the perilous journey into the thicket, that mysterious place that lurks just beyond the walls of their office and seems to bundle all the fears of their world. A story of thorny odds, girl bosses and hordes of brothers, guilt and atonement, and living right in wrong.

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Schauspiel Dortmund Hiltropwall 15 44137 Dortmund

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