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Die Simpsons - Gelber wird's nicht

In the organizer's words:

35 years of The Simpsons - 70 years of Matt Groening

The Simpsons, the brainchild of Matt Groening (born 1954 in Portland, Oregon), is the biggest media success of all time. No other television series has had such a long run, so many episodes and a comparable global distribution as The Simpsons. From Alaska to India, from Finland to China, and even in Russia, the yellow family is well known, even though it is very American and often sarcastic and blackly humorous to the point of pain.

From sketch to cult

Initially commissioned in 1987 as short, one-minute intermission gags for the Tracy Ullman Show, the Simpsons were - to the great astonishment of the producers - such crowd-pleasers after two years that they were confident enough to create an independent animated series in 1989. However, the makers of the half-hour animated show predicted a lifespan of only one to three years at most. The humor seemed too subversive, the punchlines too biting and socially critical to be able to imagine that it would be able to inspire a mass audience at prime time in the evening for a long time. As we know today: It turned out differently.

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