Die vulnerable Gesellschaft. Wie die neue Verletzlichkeit unsere Freiheit bedroht. Mit Frauke Rostalski

In the organizer's words:

How much vulnerability at the expense of freedom can we afford? This question comes to mind when considering the defining debates of our time. Social negotiation processes surrounding pandemic health risks, sexual self-determination or assisted suicide show that more and more discussions are being held under the leitmotif of vulnerability. At the same time, our society seems more and more willing to accept restrictions on individual freedom and even enshrine them in law.
In her latest book Die vulnerable Gesellschaft, Frauke Rostalski - criminal lawyer, legal philosopher and member of the German Ethics Council - calls for an honest discussion about the tension between freedom and vulnerability. Moderator: Joachim Frank

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COMEDIA Theater Vondelstraße 4-8 50677 Köln

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