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Don Carlos

In the organizer's words:

In the Dutch provinces, an uprising rises against the arbitrary rule of Philip II, which is met with cruel severity. But even the violence cannot hide the fact that the Spanish empire is beginning to crumble. The king's mistrust grows and is even directed against his own son Don Carlos, whom he refuses access to power. Carlos is unhappily in love with his stepmother Elisabeth of Valois, who was originally his fiancée until she consented to the politically motivated marriage with his father. When the Marquis of Posa appears at court, Carlos is torn from his isolation and powerlessness. An intrigue-filled battle for influence, freedom and love ensues. In her production of Schiller's dramatic poem, director Felicitas Brucker focuses on the structural violence within social, political and familial constellations.

by Friedrich Schiller / Director: Felicitas Brucker

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