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Don Quixote

In the organizer's words:


Little House

freely adapted from Kathy Acker and Miguel de Cervantes
Directed by Caroline Anne Kapp

Don Quixote is on his way. Don Quixote wants to become a knight. Don Quixote is accompanied by the dog Sancho Panza, his faithful friend and companion, and is looking for ways to break through the times and through the brutal capitalist structures that occupy and constantly limit her and her female body. In Kathy Acker's work, Don Quixote is an indomitable woman who makes it her mission to love. Don Quixote rides out. Opening up to her own vulnerability becomes an act of self-determination and the leitmotif of her journey. But what does vulnerability reveal, who can be conquered with it and how far does radical openness lead and where to, if not back to the beginning? In a ride through the world of Don Quixote, Caroline Anne Kapp and her ensemble dedicate themselves to the task of following the emotions in the play and finding their own logic within them.

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Theater Bremen Goetheplatz 1-3 28203 Bremen

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