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As time goes by

What happens when a fast-paced thriller meets modern popular theater? When the actors are chased through the highs and lows of an intoxicating love story of courage and betrayal, when costumes and roles are changed at breakneck speed?

The answer: a firework display of fast-paced and surprising acting, the typical NN signature with a nod to the original.

80 years after the release of the movie version, the power and explosiveness of the story of escape, love and agent drama has lost none of its significance. The NN Theater ensemble has embarked on a surprising journey of wordplay, music and dance and has come up with astonishing connections to the present day.

"Play it again, NN - this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship!"

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Bauspielplatz Friedenspark Hans-Abraham-Ochs-Weg 1 50678 Köln

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