PHOTO: © Klaus Pfeiffer


In the organizer's words:

Visual artists Marina Markgraf and Klaus Pfeiffer are exhibiting some of their works in the foyer of the Fletch Bizzel theater.
Marina Markgraf combines various materials such as paper, canvas, charcoal, ink and coffee. The artist works quickly, she has to work quickly, her energy does not allow her to do otherwise.

Marina Markgraf's energetic pictures are intense, she calls it "the beauty of the made coincidence". Her works focus on people and their search for connections.
Energy, intensity, chance, human - nothing could characterize theater better than these terms.
Klaus Pfeiffer, who has worked for many years as a theater educator and director, has been working with experimental photography for years. His working method is similar to that of Marina Markgraf, he also works
fast. His works are primarily created from combinations and collages, which he generates into his pictorial worlds using various apps on his iPhone.
What Markgraf calls "created coincidence", Pfeiffer calls a "magical moment" - both mean the same thing.
The location of the exhibition is not just an exhibition venue, but for both a place where their works combine with the energies of the theater.

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Theater Fletch Bizzel Humboldtstraße 45 44137 Dortmund

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