In the organizer's words:

Just a minute's walk from the "Bahrenfelder Trabrennbahn" bus stop (bus line 3), you can get hold of old, second-hand and brand new items at fair prices. If you like digging for treasures in grandma or grandpa's cellar and indulging in memories, you'll be happy here, because the Flohdom doesn't sell pseudo junk. Here you can still find real one-offs and hidden gems in need of restoration.

Don't just look, rent a stall yourself!

Your own junk is also sure to find a new home here. If you want to stand behind the counter yourself, you can rent a meter of junk from €7.00. A covered market stall is available for €28.00 - practical in typical Hamburg bad weather

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Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld Luruper Chaussee 30 22761 Hamburg

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