Flohmarkt Melchendorfer Markt Erfurt

In the organizer's words:

Attention flea market fans! 🌟

Guys, hold on tight - the Melchendorf market is starting the new 2024 flea market season again! 🎉 You'll find everything your bargain-hunting heart desires here. Whether it's clothes, vintage treasures or that one crazy item you didn't even know you needed - you'll find it all here!

📅 **Flohmarket dates 2024:**
- **Fri, 05.04.2024**
- **Fri, 05.07.2024**
- **Fri, 02.08.2024**
- **Fri, 06.09.2024**
- **Fri, 04.10.2024**

In each case from 8:00 to 18:00. Not an early riser? No problem - you have the whole day to stroll around the market!

Be there! Whether you're clearing out your attic or on the hunt for the latest trends, you'll find what you're looking for here. And the best thing? The stand fee for second-hand and junk goods is just 3 euros! For new goods it's 10 euros and you have to register with the center management one day in advance. Just call: 0361 / 4 17 21 20. Easy, right?

By the way: Children are very welcome! So pack up the little ones and make a family outing of it.

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Melchendorfer Markt Am Drosselberg 45 99097 Erfurt