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Freunde musizieren im Hof mit der Raketenumschau und Freund*innen

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Friends make music in the courtyard with the Raketenumschau and friends

Concert evening

Friends of the PATHOS theater make music in the courtyard. Whether they are employees or artists of the theater: Today they are musicians; in bands, in duos or solo. We invite you to a wild mix of Munich musical acts that celebrate friendship with and for us.

21:15 Rocket show

Indie rock concert

"The Hamburg school around Blumfeld and Co has found another master in Raketenumschau," enthuses the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Only the stars know whether this is the case.
In any case, the four musicians from Munich are making a small contribution to preserving the cultural heritage of "indie rock" with their unwieldy catchiness.

After five years of being a band, over 100 rousing concerts and almost 700 nights since the last release, the new single "Rosamunde Pilcher" will finally be released on May 17th.

"I'm certainly not making myself infinite by writing an indie pop song," says the song, which perhaps does just that. A song, where you can almost feel the sweat of a concert running down your forehead.

Produced by Willy Löster (Bruckner, MOLA, LaBrassBanda) and artfully mixed by
Olaf O.P.A.L (The Notwist, Juli, International Music), it is spacious and raw and doesn't need a lot of frills. We shouldn't give too much away, they say, but it won't stop at this one song.

With new songs and old guitars, the Raketenumschau will stumble across various festival stages this year beforeplayingtheir debut tour "Ist es die Euphorie?" in the fall.

20:15 Furtive kisses

Alternative concert

"Stealthy Kisses" is the solo project of music, theater and filmmaker Lionel Dante Dzaack. In this project, he moves away structurally from his soundtrack work and creates engaging, dreamy songs that, thanks to his theater and film experience, constantly alternate between large arrangements and individual guitars.

With Lionel Dante Dzaack | piano Marc Regen | guitar Jakob Müller-Raabe | drums Christa Schmitt | additional vocals Laura Windorfer

19:45 Breakfast with Ghosts

Indie Rock Concert

"Breakfast with Ghosts" is a local Munich band that moves between indie rock and progressive rock. From influences by Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Royal Blood and Kraftklub, everything is recognizable.

Vocals Laura Windorfer | Guitar Jakob Müller-Raabe | Bass, Keys Lionel Dante Dzaack | Drums Christa Schmitt

18:30 Enlightenment and Rufo

Pop punk concert

"Mommy, it's dark here!". In the midst of a completely crazy time, five world-damaged members of Generation Z come together and give free rein to their pent-up emotions in a playful way.

The two lead singers, known by the nicknames "Spüli" and "Dodo", founded the music group in 2018. They laid the foundations by writing several acoustic songs with their ukuleles and publishing them on a free platform.

The experimental pop punk band "Erleuchtung und Rufo" has been playing with a full line-up since 2022. Together with the three instrumentalists, "Lars (drums)", "Liv (bass)" and "Nico (guitar)", they make it to the big stage for the first time. With a lightness that couldn't be wilder, they enliven Munich's subculture in their very own, enchanting way.

Always new, self-tailored outfits and spontaneous surprise songs turn every appearance into a unique performance and leave no room for boredom even for the performers.

"Of course" after the concert it's straight to the "Spezi-Party" and it's better to stay away from "Schrebergärten", the "Arbeitsamt" or mean ex-girlfriends.

17:00 Sushi sushi, drool drool

Cooking and music performance with Toshi Kusaba + Andi Kohl

Toshio Kusaba invites people to a self-made sushi hand roll performance. He cooks vegan and vegetarian food. He also performs as the duo "Sabber-Sabber" with his Sasebo band colleague Andreas Koll. The name is due less to the program than to their age: Two older gentlemen reminisce about the old days! Two almost youthful heroes dream of tomorrow. Japanese traditions, Bavarian sensitivities. The past and the future are processed in culinary and musical terms. Singing: Toshio Kusaba. Piccola, pocket clarinet, hose, wild boar, bells, harmonica and wind: Andreas Koll.

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