Gründercamp – deine interaktive Gründungsreise

In the organizer's words:

Can't see the wood for the trees and are unsure what you need to do to get your startup off the ground? In our interactive workshop, the seven experts from Gründersterne will accompany you on all stages of the start-up journey and share their knowledge with you on topics such as business plans, contracts and insurance, marketing, mindset and team leadership.

Regardless of whether you are starting a laptop business, a business with a store or a workshop for new products, large parts of the journey are the same for all founders. But there are also major differences.

For example, many founders don't even realize which to-dos on the eternally long start-up list are relevant for them. They scurry around, fall into aimless actionism or even rigidity. What you need when uncertainty and excessive demands hinder your progress is someone to get you back on track. And that's where we, the Gründersterne, can help.

Cooperation partner: Factory Campus GmbH & Co. KG

Barbara Stromberg
Ilona Mock
Tanja Deuß
Markus Gürtler
Dr. Michael Conrad
Sandra Hartmann
Helga Miegel

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Price information:

3,00 €


Factory Campus Erkrather Straße 401 40231 Düsseldorf

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