Gutes SPRECHEN – auch vor der Kamera

In the organizer's words:

The success of your company is directly related to your appearance and how you come across to others. It doesn't matter whether you want to make a convincing pitch to investors, in face-to-face meetings, in an online meeting, in an interview or in your own marketing videos. Learn the basics of good speaking and find out how to optimize your impact.

Speaking is a whole-body process and always starts with a confident stance. But what does that mean in concrete terms? Theoretical explanations are followed by a professional warm-up of the speaking and vocal apparatus: breathing, posture, eye contact, what should you pay attention to? What does your persuasiveness have to do with your motivation? What do you need to be confident in speaking situations? How can we specifically train our breathing technique and voice?

After the theory, you will practise in small groups and record short speeches or presentations about your business on your smartphone. Finally, you will receive individual personal tips for successful speaking situations.

Join in, have fun and gain new self-confidence for speaking in a business context.

Speaker: Andrea Koltermann

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Price information:

from 69,00 €


SEMINAR.HAUS Düsseldorf Brehmstraße 3 40239 Düsseldorf

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