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Hamburger werden in 90 Minuten

In the organizer's words:

with Lutz von Rosenberg Lipinsky /
Claudiu Mark Draghici

It's finally here: THE informative comedy show about the Hanseatic city that entertains tourists, newcomers and festival-goers, smutjes and quiddjes alike.

The legendary temperament of the Hanseatic people, the high water and the low pressure, the unbeatable humor, the quilted jacket infatuation, the religious war between HSV and St. Pauli, the harbor, the dirty corners, the sunglasses, the pepper sacks ... The list of stories in this crash course is long.
The Theaterschiff was able to win cabaret artist, author and director Lutz von Rosenberg Lipinsky for the program. He is writing the book and will personally premiere the program. Furthermore, Claudiu Mark Draghici from our ensemble will also take part in the performances.

And no matter how it turns out and which of the two will be on stage, one thing is for sure: after 90 minutes you will be hamburger! Guaranteed!

Visitor comments:
"Simply the hottest show in town!" (Bernd F., Cologne)
"I wouldn't have thought that hamburgers are so funny!" (Sandra H., Dresden)
"Until now I thought Quiddjes could be eaten. Now I'm smarter!" (Dirk L., Tübingen)
"Better than any city tour!" (Carlo G., Erfurt)
"Now I see the city with different eyes." (Reiner P., Osnabrück)
"The most important things about Hamburg - and you can laugh. It doesn't get any better than that!" (Lara J., Rostock)
"Oha! Not bad at all!" (Hein P., Hamburg)

Set design: Antje Gebauer
Written and directed by: Lutz von Rosenberg Lipinsky

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