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Hamburger werden - Jetzt auch mit Speckgürtel

In the organizer's words:

with Lutz von Rosenberg Lipinsky /
Claudiu Mark Draghici

After the huge success of "HAMBURGER WERDEN" now comes the next smash hit: "HAMBURGER WERDEN 2 - JETZT AUCH MIT SPECKGÜRTEL".

Becoming a Hamburger is a lengthy process. Many who want to move to Hamburg end up stranded in Stade - or Pinneberg. There they now live like maggots in the Speckgürtel. But those who want to become Hamburgers need the real deal: style, clothes and unagitated nonchalance. Like Olaf Scholz. Although he comes from Osnabrück, he only made it to chancellor via Hamburg. It doesn't get any more casual than that.

Becoming a Hamburger 2 - that's the high school of Hamburgism: the fitness studios, the Kapitänsviertel, Eimsbusch, Poppi and the Veddel. How do you distinguish the countless -redders, -büttels and -fleete? And why is there always "Dom" somehow - unless you want to go there?

Because that's a big task: becoming Hamburg is doable, but staying there is the real challenge. Lutz von Rosenberg Lipinsky or Claudiu Mark Draghici as integration officers help you to deepen the high school of Hamburg. Like the Elbe.

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