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Hamlet - by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare's "Hamlet" has been in the repertoire of the Schauspielhaus am Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz since February 2019 - with Christian Friedel in the title role, who has already thrilled audiences in Düsseldorf in "The Sandman" and "1984". What makes this "Hamlet" production special is its own musical narrative level, for which Christian Friedel wrote the songs and which also turns this theater evening into a furious Shakespeare concert. In Denmark, nothing is as it was. The crisis-ridden kingdom is threatened with ruin; something is rotten in the state. In the middle of it all is the king's son: Hamlet. He has just buried his father, and now he has to accept his uncle as his mother's new husband. And Ophelia, whom he loves, spies on him in the service of his supposed enemies. A world of lies and deceit, it seems to Hamlet. Where should trust come from? Hamlet stumbles. He wavers. Torn apart inside, he wants to avenge his father's death. And in doing so, he sets a murderous game in motion. In his production, house director Roger Vontobel poses the question of how right action is possible when one has to do the balancing act between private need and political reality. Who is in the right here? Who is lying? Who still sees clearly? Who is insane and who is sane in this world that has gone off the rails? Vontobel's "Hamlet" was originally produced at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, where it became a cult production during Wilfried Schulz's directorship there. Now it can be seen with the Düsseldorf ensemble on the Rhine.

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