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Hotel Rimini

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Hotel Rimini | "Alone among furniture tour 2024"

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The musical roots of the six-piece Leipzig band HOTEL RIMINI can be described as widely ramified, even without botanical expertise. Electric guitar, double bass and drums mingle with cello and violin; piano and acoustic guitar meet effects units, a French horn used sporadically or an old Casio. The German lyrics are dedicated to the crocodile tears of urban affluence problematics, coming to terms with the past on public transport or failing to cope with the brutalities of everyday life.

Hotel Rimini are:
Julius Forster, Paul Pötsch (Trümmer), Annegret Enderle, Valentin Link (KUF), Paul-Jakob
Dinkelacker (Fabian Simon & The Moon Machine), Paula Schieferecke

Their debut album "Allein unter Möbeln" was released in the fall of 2023, which met with a positive response and is now taking them on an extensive tour of German-speaking countries.

"October in Rimini" is not just an Italian film classic from the 70s. The three words are also the answer to the question of origins. The origin of the wondrous, likeable and almost insanely accomplished band HOTEL RIMINI. In October in Rimini, six disabled musicians were working as hotel employees in a run-down vacation resort on the Adriatic coast.
Julius and Paul were elevator boys in baggy uniforms, always making the same journey between upstairs and downstairs. Annegret was in charge of the hotel's volleyball team, which was more than respectable given her height of 1.58 meters. Jakob was responsible for the kitchen,
Valentin worked as a pool attendant and Paula spruced up the rooms with routine meticulousness. They all shared a passion for music and the need to cross-finance their bohemian lifestyle. The dreary song of the off-season sang the same refrain over and over again until it was abruptly interrupted by the autumnal lockdown.
Tristesse virale, so to speak. The hotel closed its doors and the already few guests left the harbor of package tourism. In this mixture of empty rooms and growing inspiration, the six formed a band, moved into the presidential suite without further ado and developed their debut album "Allein unter

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