PHOTO: © Nathan Anderson via Unsplash

Im Nachtflug durch die Galaxis

In the organizer's words:

Very close to distant stars

Our Milky Way - the Galaxy ... On any starry night, and away from distracting city lights, we stand in awe before its immense size and are fascinated by its beauty. Sit back and enjoy the view of starry clouds and constellations that reveal themselves along the plane of our Milky Way.

Learn about a never-before-seen variety of stars, each with its own distinctive history - unique from its birth from clouds of dust to its end. Only through meticulous observation do stars reveal their secrets to us. How long do they exist, and in what way do they perish? What evolution do they go through in the process? Let's take a closer look at the life of the stars - we'll also learn fascinating things about the history and future of our star, the sun. Join us on this unforgettable night flight through the galaxy.

A production by Evans & Sutherland in the extended version of the Planetarium Hamburg.

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Planetarium Hamburg Linnering 1 (Stadtpark) 22299 Hamburg

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