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Improtheater: TeAMS! Mix (Sommer Edition)

In the organizer's words:

One evening, three teams. From exuberant experiments to the finely honed art of improvisation, from first stage experiences to ensembles with years of experience - it's all there!

Summer Edition? That's right! We're not taking a summer break, we're celebrating the hot days with you. More TeAMS, more improv, more discounts! Because in summer we have all-round happy hour with our summer price.

Playing for you

HUGS&KISSES are the feeling of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day. The smell of rain on fresh earth. The taste of your favorite cake. The moment when two people meet in a new way. A hug, a kiss and everything in between.

FRAUEN AUF SEE a great improv love, a program item at festivities, a state of mind and an anchor. The "Seefrauen", as they sometimes call themselves, swim in longstanding, trusting interplay, surfing on impulses from classical theater, performance art, music, literature, dance or even film and they like to dive deep.

SPAGHETTS Ready for an improv show so al dente it will make your laugh muscles boil? With their sparkling humor and pasta strainer full of creativity, the Spaghetts create a variety of scenes that resemble an explosion of flavor.

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AMS! Theater Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 119 28199 Bremen

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