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Improtheater: TeAMS! Mix (Sommer Edition)

In the organizer's words:

One evening, three teams. From exuberant experiments to the finely honed art of improvisation, from first stage experiences to ensembles with years of experience - it's all there!

Summer Edition? That's right! We're not taking a summer break, we're celebrating the hot days with you. More TeAMS, more improv, more discounts! Because in summer we have all-round happy hour with our summer price.

Playing for you


nuss mix experiments with different approaches and stylistic devices of improvised theater and other forms of performing arts. We will embark on a journey of discovery of what improvised theater can be, off the beaten track, in order to discover the essence of improvisation and celebrate it in an exuberant way: Anything goes, nuss mix!


We are like a fresh breeze from the north that sweeps across the stage and takes you on a wild rollercoaster ride of spontaneous entertainment. From hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud to rousing stories that will touch your heart - with us there are no limits.


Callbacks&Punchlines combines improv theater and freestyle rap and brings together the best of both worlds. The improvisers, some of whom have many years of rap experience, show the magic that happens when these two art forms meet. They create live freestyles from the top of the head and improvise scenes based on them, which in turn are the starting point for more rhymes and punchlines. Theater meets hip hop, acting meets rhyming, Yes, And! meets Word Up!, improv meets rap.

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AMS! Theater Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 119 28199 Bremen

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