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Intention:Immersion is a new event series that allows viewers to immerse themselves in the multi-layered world of digital art. The event series offers performances, talks, installations, open calls, guided tours and workshops on digital art, which take place in the Fulldome and in the immersive space page21 in the foyer of the Dortmunder U.

Immersion means plunging into a different environment, both physically and mentally. People can sink into other dimensions and fantasy worlds. The stories and narratives within Intention:Immersion connect people with art, technology, science and humanity. Viewers can have collective immersive experiences, impressions are shared and digital spaces are made more inclusive and accessible.

Intention:Immersion aims to create a space to develop new ideas, learn and have discussions about digital art and technology. The aim is to promote established and new artists at Dortmunder U and to collaborate with them in the field of digital art. We see the Fulldome, the immersive space and the foyer as important and unique parts of the Dortmunder U and want to use their possibilities to bring an innovative approach to immersion to cultural visitors in Dortmund.

Program on 20.06.24

21:00 Fulldome Film: total.sense

21:30 Performance: Purposelessness justifies the stay


Fulldome POV Animation Film

Michael Nguyen, Laurin Bürmann

"totalSense" is a 15-minute 360-degree first-person film for Fulldome, loosely based on Ted Chiang's short story "Understand".

The film is set in the near future and is about the protagonist Leon, whose brain is connected to a microchip as part of a series of experiments, as a result of which he becomes more aware of his surroundings. While his senses are initially heightened, he gradually falls into a state of audiovisual intoxication - sometimes synaesthetic and even extrasensory - which becomes increasingly different from human perception. In the course of this development, Leon increasingly distances himself from being human - verbalized through inner monologues - and ultimately breaks out of his environment. The sequence of events shows parallels to various future models of an artificial intelligence emancipating itself from its creator, so that it remains unclear whether the main character himself is an AI. This raises the film's fundamental question of what consequences technical optimization has on people's self-image.

Futility justifies the stay

Audiovisual improvisation

Fabian Bentrup, Ruben Philipp

In "Zwecklosigkeit heiligt den Aufenthalt" - designed for the Fulldome in the
Dortmunder U - Fabian Bentrup and Ruben Philipp examine the edges
and fringes of (im)material interaction mechanisms. Objects, instruments and electronics
mark and structure a space that can only be explored by touch.
can only be explored by touch. The audiovisual improvisation confronts this risk.

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