In the organizer's words:

What happens when freestyle dance meets artificial intelligence? What remains of personal expression in the face of an algorithm? In hip-hop freestyle dancing, the movements are created in the moment and are deeply connected to one's own body and feelings. Artificial intelligence seems to stand in contrast to this. For the performance Interplay, four dancers have a chatbot write a choreography for them. Between live chats and freestyle, as in call-and-response, a choreographic interaction is created that explores the boundaries between man and machine and raises issues such as authenticity, the art market, stereotypes and cultural appropriation.

Choreography and performance: Ashley Twumasi, Anam Lubisia, Marlen Gollubits, Angela Katanga

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Price information:

9€ | 7€ reduced Double ticket with The Fruits of Our Trees: 16€ | 12€ reduced


Kampnagel Jarrestraße 20 22303 Hamburg

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