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Isaac Webb Trio (Sco) / Ede Eckstein Trio (D) + DJ Danyell

In the organizer's words:

ISAAC WEBB TRIO (Shetlands, SCO) - Rock'n'Roll / Rhythm & Blues

The Isaac Webb Trio hails from the stormy Shetland Islands and is playing in Germany for the second time at the invitation of the "Klub der 40". American rock'n'roll of the 50s and 60s meets bopping Viking swing, island noblesse goes steep with a bit of crude joy in gloom. Hits like Heartbreaking Woman, Outta Luck and Island Boogie are guaranteed to be whistled on the north-south voyage before long. With their windswept rhythm 'n' blues and rockabilly, the Scots have also won over the legendary Californian label WILD RECORDS.

EDE ECKSTEIN TRIO (Cologne, D) - Swing

In the 1930s, the world danced to swing music, in the USA to Benny Goodmann, for example, and in France to Django Reinhardt. But in Germany, swing was considered "degenerate". As a result, only a few classics of the time exist with German lyrics. What would they have sounded like? The Ede Eckstein Trio from Cologne set about reconstructing them. "Chinatown my Chinatown" becomes "Eigelstein mein Eigelstein", "When You're Smiling" is now called "Einfach lächeln". The trio follows the tradition of "Band within the Band". Almost a hundred years ago, the usual big bands of the spacious ballrooms shrank into trios when they went into the cramped clubs. The Ede Eckstein Trio, on the other hand, is a personal distillation of the rock'n'rollers from "Gerry Lee & The Wanted Men". The Ecksteins take a quieter approach - for snapping, bobbing, dancing and listening.

DJ Danyell (Düsseldorf) plays after the concert! Vinyl only: 50s, R'n'R, Rockabilly, Wild R'n'B, Early Soul, Popcorn & more.

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